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What My Feet Say About Me
By Bobbi Warren


The Art of Reading Feet to Better Understand Yourself and Others

This book is a fun, simple, easy to understand, informative guide to foot reading. By examining the angles, shapes and textures of the entire foot- toes, nails, soles, skin - you have a map to the personality of the individual.

Different chapters include information on:

step-by-step processStep-by-step Foot Reading Process
Toe ShapesWhat different toe shapes mean
Skin colorsSkin colors & textures
NailsNails - disorders and what they mean
GapsGaps between the toes
Angles of the feetAngles of the Feet
ReflexologyUsing the Reflexology map to read the bottom of the feet

When you learn how to read the feet you will,

What My Feet Say About MeSee how thoughts-both positve and negative - shape your life
Foot readingRealize how others see you
reading feetUncover hidden truths about yourself

This is all possible when you learn to read your own feet!


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