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What is Spinal Touch?


Our bodies are capable of regenerating. We as people see this everyday with cuts, scrapes, injured bones, etc.  In order to regenerate, our bodies need nutrients and circulation.  When an area becomes injured, circulation (or rather the things which circulation delivers around the body) allows it to re-build.  If circulation is present the body will continually be building itself, allowing injuries to heal.  When circulation is restricted healing can be delayed or stopped entirely.  

Our bodies are meant to be relaxed when standing vertical. Because of the laws of balance and physics, any position other than vertical when standing requires tension, often in the back to hold our body in place.

Postural injuries (anything that makes us compensate for pain by standing abnormally) cause muscle tension and when a muscle is tense, circulation to the tense area can be diminished or cut off completely, this can cause pain, numbness, and in severe cases tissue deterioration. In a situation of perfect health, after a postural injury healed, all of the passive tension would disappear, but unfortunately, nobody seems to have perfect health and often times it is necessary for us to seek for relief from a qualified therapist before we can be totally out of pain and back in a natural stance.

Spinal Touch was developed to relax the postural muscles of the back so that the spine can align to its natural position. This allows circulation to flow freely so a person's body can return to and remain at its optimal state of health.

Because Spinal Touch works directly with relaxing the muscles, results can be seen almost immediately.

Read what our clients have said about their results...

"I'm over 80 and my back had slowly become all hunched over and my body was twisted. I had been told that nothing could straighten my spine - I would always have this 'dowager hump'. I was told about this Spinal Touch so I decided to try it once and see. I saw a definate improvement after only one session! I continued to go to Bobbi once a week for about 6 weeks and then stopped before the holidays. My back continued to straighten during that time. I was amazed! My body is no longer visibly twisted and you can even see my shoulder blades. My hairdresser had trouble getting my head into the shampoo bowl - she says there is no difficulty now! I am continuing to have the sessions to see if I can get completely straight."

"The actual process took about 8 minutes. The therapy was gentle and relaxing, and I could tell my back was responding. When I stood up, I thought I was imagining things. My felt like I was standing straigher, my shoulders were relaxed. After awhile I realized my sciatic pain was gone. Bobbi told me the effects would continue over time and she was right...
the next day I felt even better."

"When I first came to Bobbi I was using a cane, I could barely walk from the sciatic pain. After one session , when I got up I could not believe that the pain was reduced so amazingly...so fast! I came back one more time and now I feel wonderful. I had been to everyone for help and she is the only one who did!"

 A Spinal Touch session lasts for about 25 minutes.
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