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Bring light to regions of the world
without access to electricity. 
Empower students to study,
families to work & children to feel safe.



It all started when, in 2011, I saw one of these little lights at a Rotary Convention just before Muff and I went to Costa Rica in 2012 for a project we were working on. I thought of my mom's friends there who had started a non-profit called The Bridge which helps to send Costa Rican Indigenious children to school. These people live in villages in the mountains with no electricity. I thought of them having to study by firelight or kerosine lamps. So we ordered and took 90 lights with us which were put into backpacks which also had paper, and pencils and other school supplies. The picture above is us giving one of the children a light. The look on his face whn he was shown how to turn it on was priceless. He kept looking for a cord.

There is no cord... It's a SOLAR LIGHT!!

Since then...the rest is history...with your help I have been able to become The Light Lady...a new role for The Foot Lady! Your purchase of these lights online and at our workshops have meant that I can send more lights where ever our projects take us.

Our LED Solar Lights go to children in areas of the world where there is no electricity by which they can study....

Since 2012 we have sent 100's to villages in Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya, Zimbabwe and to the homeless here in San Diego.


The gift of light does not fit in a stocking or under the tree. But our lamps do. Buy one for a child you know; give one to a child in need.  

If you would like to help out....send us $20 - you get one, a child somewhere in the world gets one...



One of the things I love is that this little light was developed right here in California at UCSB in the Engineering Dept. The company Unite-To-Light, is run by a Rotarian!

Our lights are high output and designed for repeated use

  • Over four hours light per eight hours charge  
  • Over eight hour illumination when fully charged  
  • Lightweight (4oz) and compact  
  • Suitable for studying, reading, medical, store and other uses  
  • Adjustable goose neck  

Given proper care, the lights can last several years. 

  • Rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) standard AA battery size (expected life of about two years)  
  • Solid construction  
  • Resistant to water and sun exposure  
  • Extensive performance and reliability testing   

The lights combine high performance with low cost (savings exceed the cost of the light in a few months and thereafter the only cost is for periodic replacement of the rechargeable battery. 

  • Single Battery - typically lasts more than two years of daily recharging  
  • Durable high impact plastic construction  
  • High performance Light Emitting Diode (LED) light will last for several years  
  • Built in solar cell will last for several years  

NOTE: The descriptions and specifications are general and subject to change. Performance indications are representative and based on tests; however, individual units may vary