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International Institute of Reflexology History


  The late Eunice Ingham originated, researched and developed reflexology as it is known today. Reflexology has grown to international proportions under the able direction of her nephew Dwight Byers, today’s leading authority.

   Although originally taught only to health professionals, the Institute now welcomes anyone who wants  to use and benefit from the Original Ingham Method® of Reflexology.

The Institute has over 25,000 active members found in all parts of the globe.

In 1961 Dwight Byers and his sister Eusebia Messenger, RN, joined their Aunt Eunice teaching at workshops on a full time basis. Seven years later they became responsible for the continued teaching of Reflexology under the banner of The National Institute of Reflexology. In the mid 70's Eusebia retired and several years later Dwight Byers formed The International Institute of Reflexology®, where the theories and techniques of Reflexology were further refined.

Eunice Ingham died in 1974 at the age of 85 still thoroughly convinced that Reflexology could aid in easing the suffering of mankind. She was on the road with that message until the age of 80.

Eunice Ingham’s undisputable contributions to the world of Reflexology are as follows:

1. The discovery that the reflexes on the feet are a mirror image of all the organs, glands and parts of the body – the charted map of the reflexes according to the anatomical model.

2. The alternating pressure has a stimulating effect on the body rather than a numbing effect as demonstrated by Dr. Fitzgerald.

3. Bringing Reflexology to the public and the non-medical community, as well as Naturopaths, Chiropodists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapist and Physiotherapists.
Dwight Byers and his wife Nancy have been responsible for formulating and consolidating the teachings of Eunice Ingham through The International Institute of Reflexology®. Dwight authored the book, “Better Health with Foot Reflexology The Original Ingham Method®”, in 1983, which was further revised in 2001.

Dwight Byers and his Certified Instructors have shown the same dedication as his Aunt Eunice Ingham by promoting Reflexology and a healthier way of life in all states in the USA and many countries as far abroad as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, Israel, South Africa and South America.